Some people describe moving into a new home as fun but it can consume much of your time because it involves many activities such as packing, planning, cleaning and moving. For me, moving from an apartment to a house was really a big experience and I learned a lot in the process. The activity of packing our things, transporting them, unpacking in the new house and deciding where to put them was hectic for me because I was ill prepared for the job. I am going to share with you tips on some of the things I learned that can make the transition easier on you.


Painting before moving in

Picture of a room and painting materials

It will be better to paint your house before you relocate because painting an empty room is much easier. You don’t have to move furniture, take pictures off the wall or clear the closets out. You can hire a professional painter and can do the painting in one or two days.


Change the locks of your new home


Since you do not know who may be having the keys to your home, it is advisable to change the lock of the house. This will help you to have peace of mind and a sense of security as you will know that you are the only one having access to your house. The previous owner may have given the key to a neighbor, relative or even a cleaning service.


Install closet systems

Closet and shelves picture

When you install the closet system before moving into your new home, it will be much easier as all you need is just arranging your clothes. If you wait until you move in, you will give yourself too much work by moving everything out and piling your clothes in a stack on the floor or on your bed until the closet fittings are installed. You can hire professional installers who can fit the closet for you in a short time. Doing it yourself can take longer as you try to figure out the instructions.


Upgrade electrical outlets


If you are moving into an older home, you may need to do some electrical upgrades. It is easier to do so when the rooms are empty. It will be cheaper if the electricians have immediate access to the outlets because they will work faster and they are paid depending on the time they spend.


An electrician can also install a wall switch and add a ceiling fan. Other projects like adding lights on the closets, hair dryer outlets, installing motion-activated ceiling lights in a laundry room or basement are easier to complete in empty rooms.


Wipe your cabinets


Before moving in your bathroom supplies and dishes, make sure that you clean your cabinets inside and outside. You can use non-toxic cleaners and replace the contact paper.


Storage in the garage


Once you move in you will have a lot of stuff with you. Ensure that you do not pack your stuff in the garage to an extent that you cannot park your car. The stuff likely to be packed in a car garage includes holiday decorations and garden tools. You can build storage shelves or a workbench on which you will store the stuff you do not need to take into the house.