We have always been going to our favorite club to play pool as a family over the weekends. Now that we moved into a bigger house, we are all enjoying putting together our family room and we have decided to furnish it with a pool table. This will save us a lot of time and energy going to the club since that now we relocated, the club will be quite far from home.


Over time, we have found out that when we play together, we bond more and we are able to create great memories. Even when playing at the local clubs, we still do record our moments and watch them later. There was this one time when our eldest daughter beat me at the pool, and she practically ululated, bringing the entire house down. Of course, I did not want to tell her that I let her win. We recorded the entire moment on video and we do replay it from time to time. Family moments are made of memories like this. In addition to having great moments together, I have also found out that playing together keeps us all at home and even my children do not find the need to go out all the time.


Having a pool table at home will also give each of us an unlimited freedom to learn and enjoy the game at our own pleasure unlike in the club where some rules limit the fun and learning. This addition will also give us a chance to play together with friends and relatives when they visit.


We have been looking for the best pool tables currently available in the market. Below are two that we are considering buying:


Hathaway Fairmont 6 ft. Portable Pool Table

Hathaway Fairmont 6 ft. Portable

The Hathaway Fairmont is a 6-foot long portable pool table that requires minimal or no assembling at all. This pool table is ideal for home use since it is smaller than the regular pool tables in bars or clubs. It is also foldable for easier storage when it is not in use.


If you want your kids to learn how to play pool, this is a perfect table for you because it makes it easy for children to learn the game. It is also ideal for people of all experience levels, the beginners, intermediates and even the pros.


The sturdy and foldable steel legs of this pool table facilitate for effortless transportation and storage. The legs also have leveling levers that enable you to set and use the table on uneven ground. To facilitate easier transportation and storage further, the package includes a nylon carry bag.


With Hathaway Fairmont 6-foot pool table, you just need to buy it and start enjoying the game within minutes after unpacking it. The package includes all the accessories that you require to enjoy the game such as billiard balls, pool cues, chalk, racking triangle and a table brush.



Highly portable

Elegant design

High-quality construction

Plays incredibly

Ideal for all skill level players



The pool cues tend to be more ideal for kids than for adults


Barrington 7.5 foot Pool Table

Barrington 7.5 foot

If you are thinking about buying a good pool table for your family, the Barrington 7.5 foot Pool Table would be a perfect choice. This table is ideal for everyone in the family from the youngest kid who wants to learn about the pool game to the eldest grandpa in the family.


This pool table comes with a sturdy and durable support deck, which is made from high-quality wood and green billiard felt cloth. The table’s pockets are professionally designed to enable easy removal of the balls for the next game. It also comes in an attractive, classic design with drop leather pockets whose beautiful patterns add-on to its elegance.


The table’s feet are very sturdy and they come in a claw design that adds a vintage style in your family recreational room. The custom levers are designed to ensure that you enjoy an even playing area and the package includes accessories such as best pool cues, chalk, billiard balsa, cubes and triangle rack, to ensure that you have maximum fun.



Easy installation

High-quality construction

Elegant design

Ideal for all skill levels



Low-quality cue sticks